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Dexter Cattle General Information 

Dexter cattle are an especially interesting breed for their hardiness and history as "survivor cows" and "house cows."  Their docile temperament, easy calving, foraging ability and feed efficiency, and small size make them the breed of choice for Gladhour Farm—these, along with fertility, longevity, and good conformation as dual purpose cattle are ongoing breeding goals.

Herd Sires

Current herd sires (starting with 2016 calves) are N Paradise Woodmagic (a Legacy bull), Gladhour AhPrince O'Pref, and Gladhour Auri O'Pref--the three pictured at the top of the list below.  Calves born in 07 through 13 were sired by the next nine of the following bulls, so these bulls are in the background of many of my cows.  For 2014 calves, I added Gladhour Wolirence.  Calves of 2015 were sired by Gladhour X-Rach O'Pref, Gladhour Xipix O'Rol, or Gladhour ZePic O'Pref.

Gladhour Night, complimented by Gearld Fry and local cattlemen. Born 4/18/2003. aAa #: 543

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