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When I bought my first Dexters, 4 cows were carrying calves from a Largent-bred, registered Miniature Hereford bull, LS Mt Oak K617 (reg # 19605493). Knowing a little about the price and value of Miniature Herefords and the reputation of the Largents as originators and breeders of the mini-Hereford, I kept these 50-50 cross offspring and bred them to a registered Dexter bull and kept pedigrees of the calves. I have enjoyed the cattle of this group for their calm and pleasing temperaments, and the offspring have a nice beefy conformation as you would expect. I am now offering some of my Dexfords for sale. For some of these animals, I have 5-generation pedigrees, and if you want the fun of molding your own "perfect cattle" perhaps these will appeal to you. They are certainly fine animals in phenotype and do well on small acres for pasture-finishing.


Etc. (Other small cattle):
From one Dutch Belted cow (full size dairy cow) with no pedigree information bred with a Dexter bull, I have a small full-belted heifer that I will be breeding to produce "mini-milkers." These should be colorful and attractive and carry desirable milking traits and small size, and will be priced according to age and other qualities. Stay tuned for these offspring I hope will be born in future years. Male calves for ox or meat steers will be $1.65/lb at weaning or later. A heifer of such a mating should be an attractive milk cow for a house-cow searching family. Reservations for this cow’s next calf of either sex can be made with deposit during her pregnancy or in the calf’s early calfhood (to avoid castrating a male sought for other purposes). Picture of 2005 calf in foreground shows what we might expect in calves' looks if the full belt does not present itself.

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