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Dexter Cattle General Information 

Dexter cattle are an especially interesting breed for their hardiness and history as “survivor cows” and “house cows.”  Their docile temperament, easy calving, foraging ability and feed efficiency, and small size make them the breed of choice for Gladhour Farm—these, along with fertility, longevity, and good conformation as dual purpose cattle are ongoing breeding goals.

Herd Sires

Current herd sires (starting with 2016 calves) are N Paradise Woodmagic (a Legacy bull), Gladhour AhPrince O’Pref, and Gladhour Auri O’Pref–the three pictured at the top of the list below.  Calves born in 07 through 13 were sired by the next nine of the following bulls, so these bulls are in the background of many of my cows.  For 2014 calves, I added Gladhour Wolirence.  Calves of 2015 were sired by Gladhour X-Rach O’Pref, Gladhour Xipix O’Rol, or Gladhour ZePic O’Pref.

N Paradise Woodmagic

Legacy:  L00608LH-07HH
; more 

PDCA: 300202

ADCA: 019101

Gladhour Auri O'Pref

PDCA: 300198 

; more

Legacy: LP 00014MP-13PP


Gladhour AhPrince O'Pref

PDCA: 300189-C 

; more 

Legacy: LA00119MP-13PP 

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Llanfair’s Mulligan

Born 5/6/97
Height at 8 years: 44.75 inches
Polled, red, great disposition
Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia/PHA
Excellent fertility and libido
aAa #: 624

This is one of the premier bulls of the breed, and my vet calls him “a pussycat” he is so gentle… his sons seem to carry his temperament and accept touch without food bribery or training. Excellent conformation.

Gladhour Lenny P

Born 5/31/2001
PDCA 2005 Video Champion Bull
Height at 3 years: 43 inches
Polled, black, carrying both dun and red
Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia/PHA
aAa #: 612

Lenny is a good all-around bull who contributes most everything needed to improve my herd. He stays in fences and behaves himself whether with his cow herd or younger bulls. Has produced calves with improved beef conformation, and can help keep calf height within the guidelines. Particularly admired by a well-known local beef-producer cattleman. Semen straws available.

Gladhour Noble

Born 7/2/2003
Height – approximately 46″ at almost 6 years
Horned, black, carries dun and red
Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia/PHA
aAa #: 5614

Noble, son of one of my mildest-mannered and friendliest cows, was chosen particularly for his temperament to breed my horned chondro-carrier cows, aiming for easy-handling steers for oxen or pets, and to breed selected others whose aAa numbers are an especially good fit. Noble is such a pleasure! A member of the first calf crop we worked with on halter-training before weaning. Also “next herd sire” pick of the aAa analyst who came to analyze my herd, called a well-balanced young bull.

SF Preference

Born 5/7/2004
Height – approximately 42″ at 5 years
Polled, red
Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia/PHA
aAa #: 531

Preference is a gentle, nice, linebred son of Mulligan whose aAa number is different enough from his father– while having some of the obvious same features (red, polled, good temperament, good conformation, size fitting guidelines)–that I decided to use him on cows with appropriate aAa numbers and selected heifers. Gentle polled red bull calves available from him.

Gladhour Pajet

Born 5/19/2004
Height – approximately 42″ at 5 years
Horned, red
Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia/PHA
aAa #: 543

I decided to use Pajet, another small bull who is also gentle and red, on some selected heifers and cows. He has been producing some nice, and small, babies.

Gladhour Raben

Born 4/27/2005
Height – approximately 44.5″ at 4 years
Polled, black
Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia/PHA
aAa #: 342

Raben’s aAa number indicates such a good fit with many of my females that I decided to use him on a few from 08, even though I have other polled black bulls that I also like. He is such a gentle bull out of a gentle mother (and his brother was one of my most dependable-temperament 03 bulls, sold to Maryland) that I intend to keep some offspring from him in my herd in future years.

Gladhour Roland

Born 4/20/2005
Height – approximately 44.5″ at 4 years
Polled, dun, carrying red
Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia/PHA
aAa #: 4352

I was thrilled when Roland was born a polled dun. I began to use him for ’08 calves, as his build should complement several of my cows. I will be keeping some of his offspring and intend to have others offered for sale.

Gladhour Raymore

Born 4/8/05
Height- approximately 43.25″ at 4 years
Black, polled
Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia/PHA
(known from parental testing)
aAa #: 156

Raymore is a gentle, eager, pettable bull who seems very intelligent. (When I point in a direction, he seems to know to go that way!) He is the sire of my ’09 fall calves. I have several available for sale.


Born 3/27/2007
Height – approximately 43″ at 2 years
Expected to be homozygous polled, red, carries dun
Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia

Kaelan is a gentle pettable bull who generally is favored by visitors because he is so friendly. His first calves have arrived.

Gladhour Wolirence

ADCA: 034057 

PDCA: 207769 

Legacy: LF00056MP- 09PH

; more


Gladhour X-Rach O'Pref

PDCA: 208373-C

; more

Legacy: L01264MP-10PP 

Gladhour Xipix O'Rol

PDCA: 207834-C 

Legacy: L01317MP-10PP 

Gladhour Night, complimented by Gearld Fry and local cattlemen.
Born 4/18/2003. aAa #: 543

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