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Bull Sale and Farm Walk/Seminar
October 9, 2007

Bull Sale in morning (ending around 11 a.m.) Large selection of non-chondro-carrier polled and horned Dexter bulls, various ages, raised by GF. Introduction to bulls on a walk-through by SW around 9 a.m.; silent auction.

One free Dexter burger at lunch for seminar registrants.

FarmWalk/Seminar: aAa analysts will demonstrate and explain their method of analyzing bovines as we walk among GF herd of Dexters and herd of commercial beef cattle. An unprecedented opportunity to hear 2-4 analysts coming all the way from MI, WI, IL work and give their reasons (and disagree with each other?). $10 (pre-registration price) per person for seminar/farm walk to help cover expenses ($12 at farm w/o registration). See for more information about aAa. Dexter breeders and local producers invited. The walk will run from approximately 12 noon to 3 or 4 p.m. Come on time to be sure and hear analyzers’ introductions to their process. Written materials provided.

Please pre-register (by Oct 2 would be good) to help me plan numbers for burgers, written materials, parking. Call ahead for more details: 660-247-1211660-659-2321.

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