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Gladhour Farm is located in the gently rolling rich farmland of north Missouri.  It is a family farm, in the same 21st century family starting in the 1800s; it is recognized as a Missouri Century Farm.  Welcome!!

The farming plan is sustainable agriculture: row crops are certified organic; veal and beef are raised naturally on cow’s milk and forage with no added hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics; and heritage breeds (Irish Dexter cattle and Babydoll Southdown sheep) are raised for breeding stock and enjoyment.  In addition, historical landmarks, roadways, equipment, buildings, and plants are valued to give visitors glimpses of times gone by and lifestyles which have something worthwhile to offer us today by way of balance and learning.

Gladhour Farm is home to

PDCA 2005 Video Grand Champion Female,
Sturdevant’s JilLight


PDCA 2005 Video Grand Champion Bull,
Gladhour Lenny P

Visits since December 27, 2005

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