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Why SMALL Cattle?
1. They are docile and can easily become people-friendly.

2. They are small and more easily managed than larger cattle, with less wear and tear on fences and facilities.

3. They are efficient grazers with more stock able to survive on fewer acres than standard cattle in this area.

4. They make great beef, tender even on forage alone.

5. They, especially Dexters, can be the family milk cow.

6. The bulls can be useful for minimizing birthing difficulties of first-calving heifers in commercial herds.

7. Dexters are known for easy calving, for hardy adaptibility to various conditions, and for success as an all-around “homestead cow” or “family cow.”  Herefords, including mini-Herefords, are noted for excellent beef production.

8. In a rotational grazing scheme, especially a multi-species one, they can be useful for restoring fertility and desirable plant species in pasture and semi-wooded areas.

……..They are “novelties,” but useful ones—

9. They can be used as oxen for parades (or work).

10. They make a nice ornamental lawnmower!

11. As “characters,” they provide lots of original entertainment.

12. As pets, they have intelligence, and responsiveness, and trainability.  You might be surprised.  In the genetic phyla, they are supposed to be nearer to dolphins than horses are.  On the other hand, they are large animals, so let a potential seller know if that is your primary interest in them, and think seriously before you buy them for such a purpose.

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